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Esports Betting with Mid.Bet.

Welcome to Mid.Bet! This is an online pool betting platform brought to you from esports betting enthusiasts and cybersport followers. Esports is not an underground place to compete anymore. Today esports is a multi-billion industry that runs thousands of tournaments each year where super-talented professional teams like Navi, Virtus Pro, FaZe, Cloud 9, Liquid, Mouseports and others compete for millions of dollars and millions of hearts on the other side of a screen. Along with the cybersports we are facing the rise of esports betting rivalry.

Here on our website, you can take advantage of your esports and cybersport knowledge to place profitable bets online. CS: GO, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch, League of Legends, and StarCraft 2 esports disciplines are available for betting on Mid.Bet!

What is pool betting?

It’s when a player bets on one of the two, or in certain cases, three outcomes, for example on Navi against fanatic on a CS: GO major match. We gather all bets into two or three «pools» and if a player wins his bet, he gets a share of opposite pool in proportion to the size of his bet. This means players bet not against Mid.Bet, but rival against each other while we only take our humble commission from each pool. Registration, bets, and withdrawals on Mid.Bet are available for every mature e-sports fan.

How to join Mid.Bet?

Register with only one click using your Steam or Facebook accounts. Thanks to Valve’s and Facebook’s open APIs we’ve been able to implement a fast registration feature on Mid.Bet. This will not only make the registration process easier for you by skipping some boring steps but also allow us to secure your Mid.Bet account better.

Mid.Bet is originally designed as fast, fun, and fair. We want to keep up with modern betting trends and become friends with our players. That’s why allow deposits in various currencies, fast withdrawals for small winnings and fewer commissions for trusted players.

To play on our website you don’t need any sportsbook experience thanks to the simple and user-friendly betting interface. Just make your prediction on who’s going to win, deposit using a method convenient to you and confirm your bet. As soon as the match ends, you will get your winning right away.

Esports betting

To give you more disciplines to bet on, we always follow the professional gaming tournaments to find out what’s going to be sought-after tomorrow. The full list of games we support you can see on the main page, but the most important disciplines and tournaments we won’t miss are the following:

CS: GO betting

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive section includes Major Tournaments, tournaments held by StarLadder, ESL, Dreamhack, ECS, CS Summit, Intel Extreme Masters (IEM), BLAST pro series, WESG, PGL and various Minor tournaments powered by Valve. In short, you won’t get bored betting on CS: GO matches anytime soon with such variety. NiP, fnatic, Mibr, Navi, Astralis, Liquid, VP, and others are waiting for your bets.

DOTA 2 betting

Includes The biggest event of each year, The International, WESG, Beyond the Summit, StarLadder, DreamLeague, Major and Minor championships such as ESL, PGL, SEG, and a bunch of other big DOTA 2 esports events. Follow your favorite teams: Liquid, Secret, OG, EG, PSG.LGD, Navi, Virtus Pro, Mineski and many other big hitters are here to bet on.

League of Legends betting

For the League fans we have World Championships, LOL Master Series, LOL Champions, Pro league, and many other tournaments to bet on.

StarCraft 2 Betting

Starcraft fans can bet on the biggest tournaments including WESG, GPL, WCS, and other events. Follow your favorite players and place profitable bets!

Overwatch betting

For Overwatch fans, we have Overwatch Contenders of the latest season, MLG, Intel Extreme Masters, DreamHack and other competitive games to bet on. Looking for Overwatch League betting? We got it!

Esports teams and players stats

Before you bet on any of the esports teams attending these tournaments, you can find all the information you need: rosters, date and time, tournament title, pool size and more. Moreover, we will provide you with a live stream of the game you bet on and to follow the results of your favorite team or discipline.

Even though we provide fast withdrawals for small transactions, if you play big, you’ll have to complete the document verification (KYC) process before you can withdraw in order to confirm your majority.

To enjoy the game, please follow these advices:

  • Only use the money you have set aside for your entertainment
  • Do not bet amounts larger than you are comfortable with
  • Do not bet the money you can’t afford to lose or/and someone else’s money
  • Do not let betting take the time you usually spend on other activities

If you have any concerns about your gambling habits or you can’t follow these advices, please contact our support team and get the recommendations from accredited organizations such as GamCare, Keep it fun, and Gambling Therapy.

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