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Политика возврата

If there is technical issues, mislead advertising , non-playing expected games or doubts arised. The client are allowed to inquire for the refund of deposited money. allow to refund deposit money under circumstances:

-no deposit/financial bonus has been applied 

-there were no played games after the deposit

-there is no withdraw for the account at this point

Refund is only possible if upon the request of our support team you provide detailed information about the error, as follows: screenshots of error messages, log files, detailed description of your actions, file samples etc.

NB! After inquire refund, please don’t play any games, use any bonuses or promotions, so we can faster resolve the question.

Refunds resulting in’ error will NOT incur a fee. For refund that are not a result of’ error, a fee will apply as defined at Payment system policy.

The maximum refund will not exceed the total amount paid for the deposited amount.