Yaroslav «pashaBiceps» Yazhobkovski highlighted the main problem, because of which Virtus.pro G2A lost shape. He also estimated the level of the first opponent on the “major” – Vega Squadron – in an interview for the cybersport portal.

About problems in the team

“We made many mistakes. Many duels were lost due to the accuracy of the shooting, and this should be worked on first. We also need to understand what style we are going to play. Snax recently took over the in-game leadership, he does not have much experience in this business, so he will need some time. Since we are frags, and from him – good calls. We are trying to change something, we are implementing tough tactics, but we still do not have enough teamwork, thanks to which we won in the past. There is not enough good communication and timing to stop at the right time. So far we do not feel this.

Our tactics are strong, but the most important thing is mutual understanding, steep calls and the clutches won. <…> More than 3-4 months in general nothing happens. We show that in Bo3 we can be strong, but when it comes to Bo1, it becomes very difficult. At the very threshold? Certainly there is a feeling that this is so. The pressure is huge, but we are strong players, and in our history such moments have already come.

True, it was not so bad, probably never before. We want to show that we will come back. <…> Time is too short. We are counting on luck, because there is nothing more. A week before the most important tournament in the year, nothing happens – so that luck will come at an opportune time. “

About the first opponent on Krakow Major

“The less you know about the rival, the worse. Someone on the contrary, less nerves, but Vega Squadron – and indeed a strong composition. They passed qualifying, and before that they beat NiP. We played several training clans against them, shooting them at the highest level. They want to destroy everyone with their accuracy. “