In the ranking of May 17 leading website for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive strengthened Luminosity Gaming team (Brazil) positions on the first line, giving it 1,000 points. This happened after the victory over the Brazilians G2 Esports team in the final of the third season of ESL Pro League.

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In the last game of the Finals ESL Pro League Season 3 at the O2 Arena in London, each of the contestants had a chance to tip the scales in their favor. But ultimately, the league and gift manifested itself in overtime on the map de_inferno Brazilians showed class by winning G2 19:16. Before a large audience in London with confidence they have shown why kings Luminosity Gaming team can be considered the most powerful in the world.

“It was the most difficult match we’ve ever played” – said Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo a few minutes after the victory. “It was super-difficult, but it is more than surprising, because today was not the best day for our team. This is surprising even for the whole team as a whole. We crossed through all the adversity and won the tournament.”

“To be honest, I thought that we had an advantage over the G2 rivals. I did not know it would be so difficult. I was quite surprised when we won on map Overpass. I made then a lot of mistakes. But G2 super good team.” – he says FalleN.

If someone said before the final game Luminosity Gaming, G2 Esports that can beat the Brazilians in the 2 cards, you can safely laugh in his face.

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“I was not quite in the form of time” – continues Gabriel. “I had a cold, that’s why I left the game and went to the bathroom. I did not feel good. But it could not prevent the success of the enemy. They played very well. In the final, I think. That sum up the team. Also, I was sure that fnx and coldzera hold a series of excellent. fnx save us a few key points and coldzera -.. yes, he was like an animal – played very well. “

“Without a doubt, I believe that coldzera – the best player on my team.”

Today, coldzera a 3-place ranking among all players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive version HLTV. But in the sample of the matches in 2016 – the second one.

Yuri Donchenko