Manager of the cyber sporting direction Riot Games Vladimir Tortsov in an interview with “Kanobu” summed up the results of the summer split of the Continental League, told about the advantages of the matches to one victory and shared his thoughts on why the EPICENTER on the League of Legends would be more difficult to conduct than in other disciplines.

About the results of the season

“The most important change that has happened is the move of the league to offline. Plus, the fact that all the teams moved to Moscow, where they live and train now on bootcamp, which allows them to better prepare for performances in the international arena. Perhaps it’s too early to sum up, because last year we were very happy with the results of our team at the World Cup, so that we can only finally judge this season after the upcoming tournament in China.

If we talk about unrealized things, I would like to prepare the coaching staff of the teams a little better. It seems to me that in our region this is still a vulnerable place, since we have few people who could take on coaching duties. We still need to work on this. I also think that the League of Pretenders needs our help. It needs to be improved so that teams from there can compete with teams from the Continental League. “

On changing the format of the Continental League and matches to one victory

“The question of the format of the next season is still open. As for the two games a day, we had a need to tighten the schedule to free up a few weeks, when there were no games in the studio. It can not be said that this was part of a meaningful strategy. The Bo1 system exists on an equal footing with all the others. The most important plus is Bo1 – entertainment.

The majority of the audience are slightly more casual viewers who want to see many different matches in the shortest possible time. And here Bо1 format completely answers their pattern of consumption of the cybersport content. If at some point we come to the fact that we have the opportunity to somehow stretch the league on time or play with formats, it will be possible to maintain the same level of entertainment when introducing Bо2, Bо3, Bо100, then we will consider such possibilities. But by itself the increase in matches in the series is not an end in itself for us. “