In the update 7.13 for the League of Legends, developers changed the characteristics of 11 heroes and five subjects. Riot Games will also add the champion images of SK Telecom T1 and again turn on the “Legend of the King of the Pore” mode.

Renewal of the honor system

Screen of voting

  • – The categories “Friendly”, “Useful”, “Team work” and “Honorary opponent” are replaced by “Excellent coordinator”, “Do not lose spirit”, “Good game <3”. After the game screen. If most of the team praise you, it becomes known to the entire lobby;
  • – Everyone starts with the second level of honor, which is reflected in your profile. If you play for the sake of victory, your honor level will increase, even if no one praises you;
  • If all members of the team find each other worthy of praise, then the whole team will have an additional experience of honor.

Loading screen

  • – Upon reaching the 3rd level of honor or higher, you will receive an icon for the download screen. The appearance of the icon depends on your level.


  • – Fragments of keys can be earned only thanks to honor.
  • – If your level of honor is not lower than the 2nd (entry level), you will continue to receive the same number of key fragments as now. Now you will receive key fragments after exiting the after-game screen or when entering the game;
  • – After reaching the third level of honor, in addition to key fragments, you will receive honor capsules. They do not need keys to open them. In them you will find at least two fragments of keys, fragments of champions or exclusive awards (for example, permanent images of the Medieval Tweek and Gray Warwick).