Leading streaming platform Twitch.tv published its report on the results of 2015. The second part of the report was dedicated to eSports and tournaments at this site. The leader in viewership among users Twitch became popular game League of Legends.

The report does not indicate the precise figures of the number of games views, is only ranking the Top 10 most popular video games. The top ten also includes such esports games like:
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2nd place)
DOTA 2 (3rd place)
Hearthstone (4th place)
World of Tanks (8th place)
World of WarCraft (9th place)
The most popular sports tournaments are:
ESL ONE – CS: GO c 27 million unique viewers
EVO (Evolution Championship Series)
2015 World Championship League of Legends
Twitch just in 2015 was viewed more than 241 billion minutes of direct streams, which is 459,366 years old! This monthly audience – is 422 minutes per viewer (7 hours). This is almost twice as much on Youtube.
As experts point Twitch, “only in Antarctica can not be looked this platform.”
Leaders among the countries in which noted the highest number of spectators were (in alphabetical order):
United States
United Kingdom

In total in 2015 of streaming entry points become 16 servers. From 6 in the US and Europe, 4 in Asia and Australia.

There is a significant increase in audience on mobile devices – 35% monthly. This is the second place in the number of shared views in 2015.

Inside Twitch was sent to more than 9 billion messages in 2015. This is a 17 thousand per minute.

Twitch.tv – leading streaming platform in the world. Based Service in 2011. The service provides the ability to view online, or so-called VOD (Video on demand) – view broadcasts have already taken place. In the video broadcast platform mostly content related to video games: esports tournaments, private stream of top video-blogger, talk shows.
Twitch.tv owner is a company Amazon.com, which bought the platform in 2014.
According to officials, at the end of 2013 at Twitch.tv it had 45 million unique viewers. In 2015, the number of broadcaster was 1.5 million and more than 100 million visitors per month.
Yuri Donchenko