The representative of North American CSGO team Team Liquid (USA-Netherlands) in the competition for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals achieved its goal: withdrew from the group and took 3rd-4th places in the end. In the semi-finals, she could not go through the harsh team from Denmark team North 0-2. Legionary from Canada Russell “Twistzz” Van Dulken (Russel David Van Dulken) told the Slingshot magazine about the latest games with Team Liquid, motivation in the team and plans for the future. Earlier another representative of participants of the tournament ECS Season 3 player G2 KennyS claimed on the pages of that after 2-3 successful tournaments his team will become the leader of the world rating.

For your short playing career, have you learned anything from lost matches?

Twistzz: The more you lose, the more you learn. When we lost 16-14 and I had something about 9 kills, you get something more than just an experience. The team learns when each contributes.

  • Some noticed that this week you played the second AWP-rom. Something happened?

Twistzz: I played this position in the last round against North. When they reached the point, I saw AWP. I did not play the whole tournament with AWP. Just such a situation.

  • You played with two in-game leaders Stanislaw and Sean (Gares). What are the advantages of this configuration?

Twistzz: Stanislaw is an amazing leader. Also Sean, but I prefer Stanislaw. He has an outstanding leadership style – more free and cheeky. Although we have many sets of strategies for different cases.

  • What style are you used to playing? What makes you most happy?

Twistzz: I enjoy when we play as a team. We do not play like individuals. And this is not typical for teams in North America, as I see it. They usually play individually.

  • As you said earlier, your goal on ESL was to leave the group. How do you rate those matches in Dallas?

Twistzz: Leaving the group was our main goal. We discussed this before the tournament on bootcamp and it was very difficult to implement in practice. Everyone has his own mood for the game. But everything turned out.

  • What about the next big tournament (ECS 3)? What would you like to achieve this time?

Twistzz: ECS is a very busy event, so leaving the group will also be a very good plan.

  • Is there something that you would like to change or improve on the professional stage? Inside the game, in tournaments, etc.?

Twistzz: To be honest, many times I fell, killed by SMG. This is depressing, men.

ESL, as I heard from my colleagues, the best tournament held before this time. The only problem that I had was the first day of the group stage. I was very worried that day.

  • How do you assess nerves as a factor in the game in front of the crowd?

Twistzz: It helps me. Pumping. I was like a shaking Nick (“Nitro” Canella).

  • And the last. Is there something out of the Counter-Strike scene, what’s the time for? What is your favorite hobby?

Twistzz: I do not go on dates with a girl the way I’d like. And this is a factor, I must say. My family. My mom likes to watch my games, so she supports me in my career, which is just wonderful. Hobbies .. I really love cars. I’ve always loved cars for a long time.

Yuri Donchenko