Last night ended the European regional qualifying for The International 6. In the final clash between “The Alliance” and “Escape Gaming” for a ticket to the biggest and major championship of the year in the discipline Dota 2. At this present stage of qualifying 10 teams, six of whom were from CIS- region, however, the only team that has struggled in the play-off steel “Fantastic Five”, but they departed, losing “Escape Gaming” at the bottom of the grid team.

For the first time on this qualification, we saw a new system of matches format – best of 1, (round robin) – each team must play with each. Play-off semi-final first started, in which the clash between “Escape Gaming” and “The Alliance”, celebrating the victory of the Swedish five, thus they went to the finals, while the “Escape” went on to play in the bottom of the grid. In the second semi-final played “Ad Finem” and “Fantastic Five”. “Greek gods” were able to overcome the fantastic top five with a score of 2: 0. “F5” continue to struggle at the bottom of the grid, where converged against the “Escape Gaming”, however, and the match ended not in favor of the Russian team, and at the same time they have completed their participation.

The final winner bracket meet “The Alliance” and “Ad Finem”, the match turned out to be very entertaining, very pleased with the performance of the Swedes on this qualification. Won “AdmiralBulldog & co” and thus guaranteed a ticket to the grand final. As for the meeting at the bottom of the grid, between the “Escape Gaming” and “Ad Finem”, it gives a very hard fight by both teams, a victory celebrated “Escape Gaming”.

In the grand final, where the match format was – best of 5, “The Alliance” without any problems with the score 3: 1 defeated their opponents, thus represent the European region on The International 6 will be “Team Secret”, “The Alliance”, “Escape Gaming”, “Team Liquid”, “OG”, “Natus Vincere”.