Literally in a couple of hours, matches start Playoff tournament in Atlanta ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier 2017. In the first match play Cloud9 against G2 Esports. G2 went well Group A, losing only once to the Ukrainian roster Natus Vincere in the opening match on the map Inferno 10-16. As the best team in Europe in CSGO according to the HLTV rating as of October 9 (# 2 after SK Gaming, Brazil).
The HLTV journalist talked with Alexandre “bodyy” Pianaro, the interview with which offers honest betting on eSports. Earlier we published interviews with Royal Never Give Up players.

You went to the Playoffs of this tournament as team number 2 in the world. How do you see your role at the top of the world ranking? Do you already begin to be seen as a super team?

bodyy: We are only the second-best team in the world according to the rating. But personally, I feel that we still have to prove a lot of things that could not be achieved in the time of the last major. It’s wonderful that we are at the close to the top of the position, but we do not need to calm down. Our main goal should be to improve the game as a team. We have to become the five players here, who are playing for improvement. There are no super teams here, only hard work.

How did you prepare for Playoff? You had a bootcamp in Berlin. What did you focus on during training?

bodyy: We had 4 weeks of practice since the group selection. Recently we had a bootcamp and we worked on some aspects, which will be encountered in the tournament. This week should show all the advantages of our team.

This will be your first match with the updated roster of the Cloud9 team. What do you think about this North American team and its players? Are you stronger than them by virtue of having beat Cloud9 on the last major in overtime?

bodyy: The new composition of Cloud9 has very good players on an individual level. I do not think that they spent much time preparing their tactics, which they like to play. The teams are very young, but they rely on their skills. So we will give them a good fight.

Yuri Donchenko