Organizer BLAST Pro Series, representative agency RFRSH Entertainment, spoke about the format of the tournament and the distribution of the prize fund. The winner of the championship, which will be held from November 24 to 26 in Copenhagen, will receive $ 125 thousand.

Six invited teams will participate in the tournament. They will be placed in one group in a circular system with matches in the format of up to one victory. At the same time, three matches will be held simultaneously. The first two rounds of meetings participants will play in private on November 24, and the remaining games will be held on November 25-26 at the Royal Arena. Spectators at the site of the tournament will receive headphones, through which they will be able to listen to the commentators of the chosen confrontation.

The teams that will take the first and second places in the group will play in the grand final of the tournament. Those who settle down will perform in the stage of BLAST Pro Standoffs – two matches with a prize fund of $ 10 thousand, where the winner takes everything. The team, who took the third place in the group, will be able to choose an opponent, thereby defining a pair of the second confrontation. If at the end of the group stage the teams have an equal number of points, the organizers will take into account the victories in the confrontations and the difference of the played rounds.

In the case of the same number of points for three or five teams, they will be given a “sudden shoot-out to death”, which means dueling between players “one on one” on aim-cards. Each team makes a list of its players, which in order will compete with enemy players. The card will last two minutes. The player who has more kills at the end of time wins. If the participants have the same number of murders, a draw is fixed in the match. The team that scored more points on the result of five duels wins. If the teams have an equal number of points, they will hold the final one-on-one match, which will not end until the winner is determined.

Distribution of the prize fund:

– 1st place – $ 125,000
– 2nd place – $ 50 000
– 3rd place – $ 25 000
– 4th place – $ 15 000
– 5th place – $ 10 000
– 6th place – $ 5 000
+ $ 20 thousand for BLAST Pro Standoffs