Two companies-founder of a new league of eSports ELEAGUE – Turner and WME | IMG – presented the first three groups of 12 teams that will play in the group stage. On this, they reported on their official website. Will open the Counter-Strike tournament: Global Offensive match between Luminosity Gaming (Brazil) and the Renegades (Australia), which will take place on 24 May.

Official trailer of ELEAGUE tournament.

Event Budget – US $ 1,200,000. Playoff matches will be held in Atlanta, USA. Among the invited teams who received a direct invite and eSports stars such as Natus Vincere (Ukraine), FlipSid3 Tactics (Ukraine), Virtus.Pro (Poland). We already wrote about ELEAGUE tournament in the article “Media giants are creating a new eSports league ELEAGUE..

Turner and WME | IMG opened the regular season tournament format. In the debut of ELEAGUE will play 12 teams, divided into three groups of four teams.

ELEAGUE Matches will take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, broadcast on digital platforms, and on Fridays event will be broadcast live on TBS TV Channel at 10 pm Eastern US time (EDT).

Group matches will be held by the scheme round-robin, ie each group of teams will play against each opposing team twice. Each victory gives the team 1 point. These matches will be held on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. And on Thursday – Semifinals groups. In matches playoff groups, who took the first place with the team will play at number 4. The second pair: the team took 2nd and 3rd places. The winners of each pair will play on Friday in the final group round with the broadcast on TBS.

Finalist playoff round of group gets a ticket to the Playoffs and the team, which won second place in the group selection is given a last chance in the games Last Chance Qualifier. Playoffs start at the ninth week. Last Chance Qualifier – the 8th.

“It does not matter – whether you are a regular or a fan of eSports are new, each week ELEAGUE allow you to see an exciting storylines struggles between stars CSGO, who are fighting for a place in the playoffs.

Premier tournament will provide you with world-class competition and “must-have-to-see.” “

Min-Sik Ko, representative of ELEAGUE.

Schedule of the first three group matches:

Week 1: Group A. Start May 23
Week 2: Group B. Start May 30
Week 3: Group C starting June 6

Yuri Donchenko