As soon as the fog dissipated over the defeated enemy, the journalist of HLTV hurried to talk with the winner – the key player of the Turkish team Space Soldiers Bugra “Calyx” Arkın (Buğra Arkın). Who has not heard – the Turks have won against the French Team EnVyUs in the top branch Winners round Playoff tournament in Bucharest Europe Minor Championship – Boston 2018. The portal of steep eSports bets offers you the main points. Earlier we published an interview with the leading player of Windigo Gaming, sponsored by, – SPELLAN.

What did you expect from the game with a team like Team EnVyUs? With what feelings did you go out onto the scaffolding?

Calyx: Whenever I play against EnVy, I always feel comfortable. We were quite prepared to play with this club. So we just played our game.

Tell me about your choice of map – veto. It seemed obvious that you would take Overpass. Or was something else important then?

Calyx: Our map was evident yesterday. So we knew that they would choose Inferno. I was a bit surprised at the choice of Cache for them because we were expecting Cobblestone instead of Cache. So, when I heard about Cache, I had a sixth sense.

MAJ3R significantly improved its performance. As an inside-game leader, he got key kills, clutches as well as against OpTic, when he played just superb. Something has changed in his game, how do you evaluate him as a team-mate?

Calyx: We, in general, like the whole team, have great respect for our captain MAJ3R because we all know that he has been playing Counter-Strike for a long time, starting with 1.6. At the beginning of this game, when he started to play with us, his efforts were not very high. But day-to-day he improved his playing skill, combining it with the knowledge of the game itself. I think that in the near future he will improve his achievements.

You are half a step away from getting a spot on the Major Qualifier, which is definitely your goal. Do you feel pressure on you in connection with this historic achievement for the team? Is it positive or negative pressure?

Calyx: Our sensations from the next match are super positive. We are going to watch the OpTic-AGO match and personally I believe that we will be able to achieve the desired spot for qualification in the Major. As for me, if we kill all the rivals, we will win the game (laughs).

Yuri Donchenko