Smithzz is one of the most experienced players in the wave of France. His fame rattled around the world, when he performed on the pro-stage in Counter-Strike: Source. He won more than 30 tournaments (including the ESWC 2011 World Championship in Counter-Strike: Source). He played in almost all top French teams, including VeryGames, Titan eSports, Team, Team EnVyUs and G2 Esports.

Eduard “Smithzz” Duboudeaux is 28 years old and has been the coach of the G2 team since February 2017. Despite the young age for the coach, he has already won the DreamHack Tours 2017 and the recently held ESL Pro League Season 5: Finals from the beginning of 2017. About how difficult it is (or easy) to be a CSGO coach in France, criticism from the community and the transition from a player’s career to team coaches, we can read in the review of fair esports bets on Earlier G2 Esports player “apEX” told on the pages of our portal about the main rivals of the team.

Among the trophies of “Smithzz” as a player there is also the “gold” of Major (DreamHack Winter 2014)

  • How did you overcome the biggest transfer in your life from player to coaches?

Smithzz: It was the thing that I really wanted in the last 6 months of my player’s career. I was the most experienced and oldest CSGO player in France. Then there were no trainers in France. So it was logical that I accepted this offer. And it’s really not much changed. Of course, I did not play, but I was always close in the most dramatic battles. I still help the team in all the implementation of the strategy and in everything that the players are doing.

  • Being a player with knowledge of all the subtleties of the game, your vision of the game style is still different from the coach’s look. What are the differences of your new position in the team?

Smithzz: From a tactical point of view, apex and shox remained in the same positions when I was a player. As for me, I have new points of view when the team is playing. So I can help them during breaks or when something goes wrong. And my role usually comes down to helping KennyS and all the players so that they are always in the best possible shape. I just need to support them mentally, because Counter-Strike is always about mentality and psychology. It is important to remain one as a team. And you do not see such things, playing as a player.

  • When you just started playing, there were so many exclamations: “French super-club” and others. But the start was not easy. How was your start in the team?

Smithzz: We certainly have not yet reached our peak, but it’s a matter of time. We have much more potential than what the usual fan sees. The beginning was really heavy. I can not even, probably, explain why. All we knew was that it would be difficult. We never called ourselves a super-team or something like that. If you only invited the top 5 stars of eSports and did not take care of the structure and strategies, it will not work. Daily work is needed and this work should pay off.

  • Which of the players in the world right now poses the greatest threat to your team?

Smithzz: I do not know. Maybe some snipers. KennyS is one of the best snipers. I think coldzera (SK) poses the greatest threat. It’s really hard to play with his team.

Yuri Donchenko