After winning 3-1 in the semifinal from Team WE (China), Samsung Galaxy moves to its cherished goal – a victory over the age-old rival SK Telecom T1 (South Korea). Last year at the 2016 Season World Championship SKT was stronger 2-3. What will we see this year at the most important match of the League of Legends – the Grand Final of the 2017 World Cup? Only time knows everything (and we are bookies – we only guess).
Pre-match mood of SSG Cybersport’s journalist found during the interview with the whole team, the main quotes of which, as always, we will disclose to you in detail. The portal of fair bets on e-sports is on guard of good mood. And big winnings! Earlier we published an interview with the winner of EPICENTER 2017 coldzera.

Many experts point out that SKT this year is extremely weak and unconvincing. How would you rate SK Telecom T1 rating this year? Crown, you will meet Faker in the Grand Final one-on-one, what thoughts come to you?

Crown (mid of Samsung Galaxy): If you evaluate the current opportunities and strength of SKT this year, it seems, really this is not their year. But they have always been the strongest team and I expect that they will strengthen the game in the Grand Final. I do not have any special thoughts on the eve of the meeting with Faker (mid of SK Telecom T1 and the best player in the League of Legends in the world). I just want to play meaningfully this match. And do not have any regrets later.

From the beginning of the group round to the semifinal, you often changed your playing style in such a short period of time. What did you change in the team’s mood during the break?

Coach of SSG Edgar: First of all, during all the group matches our indicators were not always smooth and stable, even in those matches in which we won. During the break, we analyzed our game, what we did right, and where there were mistakes. We focused on the negative aspects of our actions in order to correct them. During the Ro8 round (Quarter-final with Longzhu Gaming, 3-0) we were completely ready for a full game. We felt our training even better than now.
Previously, we proceeded from the fact that we constantly avoided hassles and focused on farming. But I told the players that we now need to be pro-active and take the initiative over the opponent in their own hands. Passivity against a strong team will never lead to victory. I would emphasize this as the main change in our gaming style – the transition from passivity to pro-activity.

Yuri Donchenko