The scandal, which broke out between American teams and the organizer of all leagues League of Legends – Riot Games, was continued. In August 2016 the owners of teams League of Legends in North America blamed Riot Games to restrict the earning potential. Managers top clubs have focused on the fact that the costs of eSports clubs to grow every year, and yield no growth. In this discussion, the co-founder of the Riot Games Mark Merrill has promised in the near future to change the system to encourage the sports organizations and to increase the prize money in leagues.

Today, September 22 in the Internet got a letter publicized by Riot Games eSports sports organizations, who play in 13 leagues (not only LCS in Europe and the United States). According to the published leak Riot Games in 2017 will change the system of long-term cooperation with the clubs. Riot promises to prevent their League clubs to income from broadcasts.

Also, 25% of the sales champion of images will be directly released to the prize pool, which organizes Riot Games. Furthermore, the club, which will be the world champion in 2017 will receive an additional 25% of the proceeds of sales of special champion. Top Clubs League of Legends, with victories in the past, will also receive additional funding. These are the clubs like SK Telecom T1 (2-time world champion), Fnatic, Taipei Assassins, and Samsung White.

Increased profitability teams in 2017 will be differentiated depending on the region and the league. For example, in the European LCS (League of Legends Championship Series) teams will have an additional 100 thousand euros per season, of which 50% will go directly to the players.

League of Legends – the most popular in the eSports discipline today. Each month, it is played more than 100 million users worldwide. In August 2016, according to the specialized agencies Newzoo, on streaming platform Twitch League of Legends’ users spent a total of almost 80 million hours. The official release came out in 2008. All the official tournaments eSports on this game in some form or other controls Riot Games. Riot Games is a subsidiary of the Chinese media giant Tencent.

Yuri Donchenko