Riot Games will split the EU LCS into four leagues, ESPN reported referring to sources close to the organizers of the championship. In each subregion, six teams will perform, the best of which will enter the interdivisional tournament. In 2018 the matches will be hosted by Berlin, London, Paris and Barcelona. The two best teams of each division will get into the international league directly.

The two following compositions will need to play a play-off tournament with the teams of another sub-region. The last slots will be played in open qualification, where, among others, 5-6 rosters can be played according to the results of local competitions. Inter-division tournament will consist of several group stages and play-offs on the system double-elimination. The winner and the teams with the most competition points for the season will go to the World Cup. Participants 2018 EU LCS Summer Split will choose a subregion before the end of 2017.

Compositions can be announced by several football clubs: according to ESPN, their representatives met with Riot Games in Paris during the 2017 EU LCS Summer Split final. The teams will be allowed to secure the slot in the local league for several years, but the licenses will not be distributed immediately.

The current format of the EU LCS assumes a circular stage with two groups of five teams and playoffs before the first defeat. The season is divided into two split, according to the results of which three participants of the World Championship are determined. The worst teams of the regular season play for the slots in the next split with the Challenger Series finalists. Small regional leagues are already held in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Scandinavia, Poland and Germany.

Winners qualify for CS. The announcement of a new format for the European LCS appeared after H2k-Gaming demanded that the organizers share their revenues and submit changes for the 2018 season. By that time, G2 Esports, Misfits, Splyce and Fnatic had applied for a franchise in NA LCS, told ESPN in August 2017.