Ryan Morrison also better known as the “video game players’ lawyer” – defends the rights of independent developers of popular Internet media and video games. Also, the fame came to Ryan after Facebook’s accusations of piracy of the original creations of copywriters and the creation of a mass culture based on the theft of copyrights.

CybBet.com offers you a review of the questionnaire, which was prepared by the journalists of the publication Slingshot. In it you will learn the recipes of happiness from a well-known lawyer of the digital world. The questionnaire is based on the French writer Marcel Proust. Previously, we published a similar questionnaire from the player Super Smash Bros. Melee “Shroomed”.

  • # What is your idea of absolute happiness?

Big pepperoni pizza and let no one condemn me.

  • # What causes the most fear in you?

A trip from New York to Los Angeles, where I’m going to go next month.

  • # What is your most disliked feature?

Writing tweets without taking a breath, when one of my clients is once again trying to get benefits from e-sports.

  • # What the hell do you most dislike about others?

Selfishness “me, me, me”, which is so widespread in the e-sports industry. If we all take a step back and look at those things that are happening between organizations and publishers, sponsoring teams and players, we will become much happier. And e-sports will be much more successful.

  • # Which person do you most admire?

My grandmother. She is 83, and she often travels through India and Africa. I hope that I will be half like her in her years.

  • # What is your biggest extravagance?

I drink a lot of whiskey, I eat in Taco Bell and drive Kia. But my dog stays in a dog shelter (about $ 100 per night) while I’m traveling. Is it considered?

  • # When do you think it’s normal to lie?

You talk to a lawyer. Everything I say is a lie. Ask me the same questions tomorrow and you will get completely different answers.

  • # Which of the living people do you most despise?

Donald Trump and the owner of one European e-sports organization, because NDA. But this is the only organization in which I will not sign any of my players.

  • # If you could change one of your things, what would it be?

I would never start smoking.

  • # If they died and returned as a person or thing, what would it be?

The naked mole. At them it turns out.

  • # What is your most valuable asset that you have?

It’s disgusting, but it’s my phone.

  • # What makes you unhappy?

My phone.

  • # What quality do you like best in team games?


  • # What was your first game you played?

Frederik Pohl’s Gateway. She remains the best now.

Yuri Donchenko