Peter “ppd” Dager spoke about the reasons for the transition from the position of captain Evil Geniuses to the post of the general director of the organization. In an interview with Duncan “Thorin” Shields, ppd stated that SumaiL did not want him to remain in the squad.

Peter “ppd” Daguerre on the transition to the office of director Evil Geniuses:

“After TI6, we decided for a long time what to do next.We chose between selling EG or self-management.SumaiL did not want to play with me, because I have a difficult character.If it seems to me that people do not give their best, I turn off myself. this is my weak point, maybe it seems to me that it’s easy for people from the outside, but in fact it’s not so.In such moments it seems to me that a person spends not only their time, but also the time of the rest of the players.

Let’s say we play a training match, and someone does not give up for that percentage. He spends the time remaining nine players, coaches and managers of both organizations. And of course, the time of fans who follow you everywhere, subscribe to channels, watch streams, donate on the prize fund TI.

And if with all this you can not give one hundred percent of your work, it makes me sad. So initially we wanted to hire another director, and I would continue to play in DotA. But it did not grow together: it was decided to build a team around SumaiL, and not around me. And I had a difficult choice: to suspend a player’s career and manage the organization or get out of it. “

In response, Said Samail “SumaiL” Hassan stated that the objectivity of Peter’s words “ppd” Daguerre will show the results:

“I can write a few paragraphs about what was happening in the team at the time, but let’s better say about the results of the”

Ppd was the captain of Evil Geniuses from the beginning of 2014 until the end of The International 2016. After that he headed the organization and held the new position for a year. At the beginning of the current season Dager left EG and assembled the band The Dire, which was signed on September 25 by OpTic Gaming.