Yesterday MM has played in the new inferno and then run about on a blank map, and here is my opinion on the update of the map:

1) Balance on the map will not be perfect. Major changes to allow easier Plenty to go attack, and will not be able to delay the timing of visits to B because of the fixation skybox. “Carpets” are more like 1.6 and it’s bad for protection, because they will take a lot easier. Hiding on Plenty, playing will be difficult for the drawers, not to mention the fact that the most dangerous to attack position can be easily zakontrolit Molotov, and move from there stupidly nowhere.

2) Some experts and analysts really liked the card, probably because it has become brighter, more colorful and easier. They do not realize that earlier inferno was very skillovoy card. That’s why many people there it was impossible to show a good game in attack. After all, to take the rounds had to be very well constructed game. And for the last six months about the matches of teams in the inferno were very interesting.

The balance was very good. After an attack could take 7-8 rounds, and protection. There was a lot of textures and spaces that allow you to show your skills. But now, when inferno looked like a country ponies, rainbows and unicorns – it will not be interesting. All will decide stupid duel and micro. Interesting new tactics and pans will not, because the structure of the card is not changed.

In contrast to the same nuke, where due to changes appeared a lot of opportunities for interesting moves and decisions. Fucking de_tulip of WildFire operation looks more realistic and competitively. I’m on it all.