A few minutes ago we ended with matches in which we saw “Natus Vincere” and “G2 eSports”. The winners of the “Na`Vi” emerged from this confrontation. For them, incidentally, it was a debut match in this format. Since August 4 team said goodbye to Daniel «Zeus» Teslenko, whose organization dedicated 7 years. He was replaced by Alexander «s1mple» Kostylev that after the match with the “G2 eSports” good joined the team.

The first card was dust 2, it showed a confident game French five, were able to finish the first side in the attack with a score of 11: 4 in their favor, but with the change of sides made a lot of mistakes, which resulted in the defeat with a score of 16:12. Just one round took a “G2 eSports” protection.

A map – train, which is one of the strongest of the “Na`Vi”, «Born to win” could confidently beat their opponents, but in some moments did not act very well. The final score 16:11 and the first 6 points are sent to the treasury of the Ukrainian team.

The next match for participation “Natus Vincere” will be held August 21 at 19:50 in Kiev against “Astralis”. Incidentally, it is interesting and the fact that just yesterday, “Natus Vincere” received an invitation to “IEM Oakland 2016”, which also involved the French of “G2 eSports”. Will the French Five of revenge, this time on a LAN-tournament will see in October.

Composition “Natus Vincere”:

John “Edward” Suharёv

Alexander “s1mple” Kostylev

Denis “seized” Kostin

Egor “flamie” Vasiliev

Ladislav “GuardiaN” Kovacs