In New York he ended ESL One New York, LAN-tournament in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Eight teams over three days of fighting over the size of the prize pool of $ 250 000. In Natus Vincere grand final defeated with a score of 2: 1.

The last match was held in the best-of-3 format. Natus Vincere defeated the team from Poland with the score 2: 1, and earned $ 125 000. G2A got $ 50,000.

The entire grid playoffs single-elimination format was played in one day. Each match was held in the format of up to two victories. Virtus.proobygrala in the semifinals SK Gaming team with a score of 2: 1, the two cards have ended in overtime. Na’Vi on the way to the final, won the Team Liquid with the same score.

The group stage was held on the Swiss system. To get into the playoff teams had to score three wins in five best-of-one meetings. Natus Vincere took place in the next stage without losing a single card. SK was not able to beat Na’Vi, defeated in his fourth game and went into the playoffs with a second place. Team Liquid and defeated in two matches of the group stage and got into the playoffs, being 3-4 places in the group. OpTic Gaming, has passed American qualifying, knocked out of the tournament Astralis and G2 Esports, but could not beat in the last match.

ESL One New York in 2016 was held in New York from 30 September to 2 October. Six teams received an invitation from the organizers, two – have passed qualification. The participants competed for a prize pool of $ 250,000.

The distribution of the prize fund:

1st place: Natus Vincere – $ 125,000

2nd place: G2A – $ 50,000

3rd place: SK Gaming – $ 25,000

4th place: Team Liquid – $ 25,000

5th place: OpTic Gaming – $ 8500

6th place: fnatic – $ 8500

7th place: Astralis – $ 5000

8th place: G2 Esports – $ 3000