Mousesports have passed qualification to both major-tournament in 2016, but failed to enter the eight strongest on any of them. In late July, the team managed to reach the semifinals of the first season ELEAGUE, earning her $ 70 000. After an unsuccessful performance at ESL One Cologne in 2016 the top five left Yohannec «nex» Maget. He was replaced by Tomas «oskar» Stastny, who had previously played for HellRaisers. In addition, 13 September German organization parted ways with coach ended on CS: GO – Alexander «kassad» Trifunovic. New mentor team was Sergei «lmbt» Bezhanov, which will begin work at the end of vacation.

Acer Predator Masters 3 will be held on 3-6 November in Krefeld, Germany. The venue has traditionally become TaKeTV home studio. mousesports will come to the tournament as the defending champion Germans were stronger FlipSid3 Tactics in the finale of the second season. Teams will compete for an increased prize pool of $ 50 000. The format of and the list of invited teams remain unknown.

Gfinity CS: GO Invitational is scheduled for September 22-25. LAN-event will be held in the framework of the Birmingham Eurogamer Expo, moreover visitors will be able to play against the pros in show match on 22 September. GODSENT, mousesports and two more top five will compete for $ 100 000. It will be very interesting to watch the German team led by Ukrainian coach Sergei face “LMBT_R” Bezhanova, which in turn had to train HellRaisers. Whether it will change the results with the arrival of the Czech sniper oskar, the answers to these questions will see in the near future.