On the second day, the journalists passing through Bucharest CSGO Minor talked to the key player of the team, which is not so well known to the general public. We are talking about our wards – Windigo Gaming (Bulgaria). Windigo played in Group A and rendered worthy resistance to such grandees of modern Counter-Strike as Team EnVyUs and GODSENT. Despite the defeat, interest in the team is growing and we are presenting an interview with the player Teodor “SPELLAN” Nikolov. The portal of fair betting on eSports CybBet.com offers you the basic excerpts of this conversation. Earlier we published an interview with the captain of the Turkish club Space Soldiers MAJ3R.

I want to start with how I went through the formation of the club, formerly known as Outlaws and ex-Outlaws? What were your team’s main changes?

SPELLAN: It all started with the fact that CeRq left the roster because it got a good offer from NRG. After his departure, everything ceased to work in that composition. And we decided to refresh the composition by inviting such more experienced people as bubble, pNshr and niki1.

In the five that you have now, who are on what roles? Who does what on your team?

SPELLAN: I’m an inside-game leader now. We first played when niki1 was the leader, but it did not work and we changed the roles. bubble – our main sniper AWP. I am the second AWP sniper. SHiPZ is an entry fragger, pNshr is a support, and niki1 is just a rifler.

You are still considered a new team and you need a lot more to work on. What are the main conclusions you have drawn from the first two past LUNs? What do you consider your main problems, which you should work on in the future?

SPELLAN: We have a lot of problems that we need to work on. First of all, we need a bootcamp right now to work on the bugs, prepare for the next tournaments. I do not know how long we need to work on our game, but we need time to improve.

Recently you were signed by Windigo Gaming. What do you want to take about this organization and what does it expect from you? And also what do you want to achieve?

SPELLAN: Now the organization is a good guy and their offer suits us all. I hope that we will show our best game and make them happy and demonstrate progress. We have a salary, we will soon have our own gaming house in Ukraine.

Will you move the whole team to Ukraine?

SPELLAN: No, for a short time. Right before LANs we can play in the bootcamp there. In the rest of the time we will play online.
In Bulgaria there are not so many serious CSGO players. I think that only we are playing seriously right now and day and night into professional Counter-Strike. The rest of the players are just not serious.

Yuri Donchenko