Topper Mysterious Monkeys Mateusz “Kikis” Skudlarek spoke about the correct selection of the team in an interview with Slingshot Esports. He explained why it should consist of a set of veterans and beginners, and also gave advice to beginning cybersportsmen.

About veterans

“People underestimate the veterans. Me and Maurice [“Amazing” Stukenschneider] have been playing for a very long time, and Mysterious Monkeys lacked an experienced player to take responsibility for themselves. And Maurice and I know a lot about LoL, as well as about non-game aspects. We help the guys not to tilt and not get angry, and also to play the team. <…> Our duet brings a lot, and I believe that there should be 2-3 veterans and 2-3 beginners in the team.

About what would advise beginners

“The most important thing is to grow as a person. Many, including me, start at a very early age. They did not have to do anything on their own and communicate in a working atmosphere. Bad communication and inability to express themselves correctly, if something does not suit, leads to aggressive statements. Still need to understand that this is a team game, and learn how to donate to farm. Beginners are often punished when their forester goes to the top, and they refuse to leave the creeps on the boat. “

About the difference between G2.Kikis and MM.Kikis

“I trust the teammates more and get their respect in return. During the performance for G2 Esports there was a meme that I play only on tanks, although in the end I took Irelia. In the G2 did not believe that I can drag against the Korean toperes, but here it is not so. Mysterious Monkeys know that if you play for me, then I will get an advantage. I’m good at tanks and carries. “