This is even no one disputes – the game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which is still in beta, already has an unconditional impact on the development of the gaming industry. Only the number of simultaneous users of PUBG exceeded 2 million and their number is growing, overtaking DOTA 2. This phenomenon, which affects e-sports, the journalist of asked to comment on one of the managers of the sports organization Team Kinguin, Mr. LaytoN, the theses of the interview with which the portal of clean bets offers you. Earlier we published an interview with a player of tarik from Cloud9 (USA).

What drew your attention to PUBG? Have you played before another Battle Royales game before?

LaytoN: I accidentally ran into PUBG at an early stage of its development. But I never took her seriously, like now, when she rose to the top of the list of views and popularity. I just played it for the sake of fun in the evenings. PUBG has become ideal for me, as I’m a huge fan of games like DayZ, which I’ve played for thousands of hours.

And how did you decide to become a professional in such a fresh game? I mean, it’s not even over.

LaytoN: She’s strange, it’s yes. And again, I never intended to compete in PUBG. For me personally, it was an evening game for fun with friends. I just enjoy the game and play every day. The team, which was accidentally formed, is in contact with the organization Team Kinguin. They flew to us in Poland and here we are. It happened very quickly and now we are the first team that was formed in Europe by PUBG.And although the game has not been fully developed yet, now it’s a top-notch game. Thus, the game has grown to a competitive scene. I give a year or so, until PUBG becomes level with such titles as CSGO and the like.

On streams such as Twitch, PUBG constantly enters the Top-3.

LaytoN: Yes. I’m not that big a Twitch viewer, I do not shave myself. Skills from other FPS games may well be transposed into PUBG. There is no doubt that if you played CSGO before, you probably can easily play in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. To become a successful eSports in PUBG, you need to be a well-rounded player, be able to think 2 steps ahead and shoot well.

Yuri Donchenko