On the eve of the Continental League final, where M19 plays against Gambit, the e-sports portal talked to the support team of Likkrit. Cyril Malofeev described how he assesses opponents, what happens to the level of midleaning games in the CIS and whether he likes to work with a new coach.

– M19 became the first team in the CIS, which invited a Korean player. What do you think about Reach and his approach to the game? Still, in Korea, another meta, a different style.

– We were not looking for a Korean player [specifically] – we did not have such a task, we just wanted to take a strong legionary. We agreed on the domestic, but none of the suitable in time did not respond. Therefore, we were forced to resort to the help of our foreign colleagues.

We examined somewhere about eight or nine people who claimed this position. And Reach, our mister Chu-Wun from Korea, turned out to be the best. Is it different from us in principle? Not really. Only he eats very sharp noodles, and so everything is the same. He is training a lot, but it can not be said that this is something out of the ordinary compared to other players.

– You somehow said that you could not find a midleiner from the CIS. Why? They also did not respond on time? Or the candidates did not fit the level of the game, in style?

– If we had candidates for the position of the forester in the CIS, with whom we were ready to work, then only one was recalled for Midlane. We looked at it. And it became clear that we simply do not have a midleiner with the necessary qualifications among Russian-speaking players. Well, we again had to ask for help from foreign colleagues.

– Are they playing so badly in the CIS? Or just the choice is not so big?

– Yes, you can say so. Players of professional and semi-professional level, who at least hypothetically can reach the required level within six months, simply do not. Here Kira was – he left. Everything, more I just do not know anyone.

– And how can you solve this problem?

– It so happened that in the CIS there is not, except for Kira, strong Midlayners. Well, no, that’s all. What can you do? It’s simple: in the CIS few people play in the League of Legends. Because of this, few people want to become professional players, and because of this, few people want to be in the midleiner position. As a result, the sample becomes small. And the smaller the sample, the lower the level of top players. And I’m only interested in top-end.

– That is to blame Dota.

– Yes, absolutely! In all, Dota is to blame.