LAN-qualification for the CIS countries to The ELEAGUE Major replenished with four participants. Teams Team Spirit, Tengri, EYEsports VwS Gaming and made their way through the closed on-line qualification on November 11-13 will visit St. Petersburg. Closing the qualification For closed online qualification play 16 teams. Eight of them have received direct invitations, and eight more made their way through the open qualifiers.

All the teams were seeded into four groups of four teams each, where played for GSL system. The teams took first and second place, get on the CIS Minor Championship 2017 – Atlanta. October 29 matches were played in groups A and B.

Undisputed leader of the quartet became the first team Spirit. Second place went to the representatives of the Lithuanian VwS Gaming, which in the final game defeated the team of Roman «CyberFocus» Dergach – k29. In group B are located on the first line of the Kazakhs Tengri, and the second – EYEsports.

Today, 30 October, will be the game group D, where participate Devious, Quantum Bellator Fire, ENSO and ALL-IN. November 1, the fight will take command of the Quartet C, which plays Dmitry «hooch» Bogdanov – s4s – and Team Preparation. CIS Minor Championship 2017 – Atlanta will be held from 11 to 13 November in St. Petersburg. The prize fund of the tournament is $ 50 thousand., And the top two teams in the final will be held offline skills to The ELEAGUE Major in Atlanta.