According to the Twitter-account of the Swedish organization “GODSENT”, the organizer and the owner is a professional player Marcus “pronax” Walst, the Swede played in such famous commands as: “Fnatic”, now is a player of the team “GODSENT”. They reported on the formation of new particles in their lives, and it declared the second part. This command includes only young players, and the oldest is only 18 years old. The purpose of this decision is obvious, they will develop the youth, to try to raise the eSports to the next level. The team even went younger brother of the famous pro-player “Fnatic – Jesper” JW. “Notes – Linus” Limpone “Bill This roster will likely perform at a variety of online qualifiers to each day to improve their playing skills Hopefully they all. We succeed and we will see new faces in the eSports scene.

The Swedish organization “GODSENT” – not the first to want to help the little-known players to show itself in all its glory. Previously, organizations such as “HellRaisers” tried at the second part, which is performed under the “eXplosive” tag, but they showed the game is extremely unstable in consequence of which the contracts were canceled with them. I would like to mention the work that is currently performed in team “SK Gaming” – Gabriel “FalleN” Tolledo it once a week produces their videos, which explains how to act in any given situation. We hope “GODSENT” is not the last organization that is interested in the younger generations and we will see more and more such announcements from top teams.