GFINITY reported details about their tournament discipline CS: GO. Earlier, they were talking about the team that will perform on their championship. These are the following groups: Epsilon, EnVyUS, Mousesports and GODSENT. The tournament is scheduled to go from 26 to 28 September in Birmingham, UK. The four invited teams will compete for a prize fund size of $ 100,000.

The format of the – single elimination (departure in the case of the first defeat). The opening will be a confrontation between EnVyUS and Epsilon on Friday 26 September, on time at 12:30 (Kyiv / Moscow). On Saturday, at the same time and compete Mousesports GODSENT, and on Sunday we will know the winner’s name.

It will be interesting to observe all of these commands, because it has several causes, of which we now write.

First: GODSENT – Swedish five, during the transfer window has changed three immediately, taking to himself the most experienced representatives from Fnatic – JW, KRiMZ and flusha. Recently, the results of the team is very unfortunate, it’s about the team say the results of the last LAN-tournament in Kiev, as well as several games online. Will they be able to overcome the black band will see very soon.

The second were: Epislon – young players who represent Sweden. It is composed of good players in the personal plan of shooting and experienced Swede Andre “BARBARR” Moller. By the way, he joined the team not so long ago, replaced by another Swedish player under the nickname “xelos”. Do not underestimate them, since almost all of September, one of the Epsilon players, namely disco_doplan spent the Ninjas in Pyjamas.

Mousesports next in line. In this transfer window, they changed their composition. The team said goodbye to nex`om, and was replaced by the Czech sniper oskar, who showed himself, speaking of “HellRaisers”. Does the Czech able to show what he can do under the banner of the new organization will see from 26 to 28 September.

EnVyUS – this is the French the Five became the latest among the list of participants. They are compared to the first three teams decided not to change its composition, and continue to play the same roster. It is this difference can affect the outcome of the tournament. Since the players have played together and have a lot of experience behind him.

In general, we hope in the period from 26 to 28 September at GFINITY Invitational we will see great games involving these teams. After all, to look for such a star player and professionals in their pleasure.