Gabriel FalleN Toledo commented on the latest results of SK Gaming after losing to the ESL One New York 2017 semi-final. The team captain shared his opinion about Team Liquid and explained why his team lost shape.

About Team Liquid

“It seems that we lost the strongest Team Liquid for all time: the players of this team are now in better shape than ever. Probably, the matter is that now we play a little worse than usual, and they are at the peak of a career. My congratulations to them. I’m not trying to say that we lost it, but they did not win. In the first series, they won very confidently, and in the second, everything could have been different, take us a couple of rounds. Guys fellows, they had an excellent match. “

About the game form SK Gaming

“I do not want to point a finger at someone from the team and say that because of him we lost the tournament. If in search of the cause of the defeat look at the statistics, it turns out that this time [on ESL One New York 2017 – approx. Ed.] Joao “felps” Vasconcelos played worse than usual. But on ESG Tour Mykonos 2017 he also showed almost the best results in his career, although we lost to the same team.

In this matter, you can not just blindly trust statistics. To understand why we lost, we need to dig deeper. We have a lot going wrong now. I myself make mistakes in some moments. We make stupid tactical and individual mistakes. Foolish decisions in individual rounds, which lose to us the game. In my opinion, what happens is that two or three players show themselves well in the tournament, and the rest can not get involved.

At the next tournament, the situation changes exactly the opposite. Many factors affect our results, but so far the main task is to return to the game together, at once. “

About the results

“Until we played in five tournaments, [to pick up five trophies out of eight] – is quite real. Yes, now it’s getting scary. Perhaps you have to temper your ambitions. Of course, all this is just a joke. We are here to do our work, and I think we are doing very well. Despite the defeat, we still hit the top four. To be honest, we do not really like the semi-finals. We want to fight for victory.

Although, losing in the finals, we would be upset even more. The whole point is how we see ourselves. Now we are SK Gaming – one of the strongest teams in the world. We want to win everywhere. Top 4 for us is a bad result. I understand that objectively this is a good position for many collectives. They dream of being in our place. But we are unhappy. We need victories, and we will correct the situation. “