After two matches of the group selection of the ESL One: Cologne 2017 tournament, the Fnatic team has 1 victory (against Heroic de_mirage 16: 6) and 1 loss (against mousesports de_train 11:16). Today will be a duel Fnatic against FaZe Clan, which has the same indicators. The HLTV journalist met with Robin Rönnquist, captain of the Swedish team, and discussed the latest changes in the gameplay of the club, in particular, changes in the role of the in-game leader (IGL). Earlier on the site the player of another Swedish team Ninjas in Pajamas “Xizt” shared plans for the tournament in Cologne.

  • Let’s start back to DreamHack Summer 2017, where you played in the Final against SK. Then you had a chance at the home site to win the tournament recently. What conclusions did you make after that game?

flusha: Yes, then we gained confidence again. And despite the fact that we won one map against SK Gaming, the other two we lost to a good team. We regained confidence, but then on ECS Season 3 Finals we again lost it [the teams took 7-8th place].

  • After DreamHack, you tweet that your set of maps may have problems. You said that you do not know what your best maps are and that you must decide what to do next.

flusha: It’s hard to talk about it. We understood that maps, like Train, were to become our best maps. But we lost them all the last time. In addition, and in Inferno in recent times, we lost control. Cobblestone was a good map in training, but we have not played it in official tournaments yet.

We can play all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps and we are not afraid to play any map

We play every map from our pool, but I do not know how much we play them correctly. We can play all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps and we are not afraid to play any map.

  • Have you already solved your problems since that time before the tournament in Cologne?

flusha: we changed a few things. For example, KRIMZ plays now more the role of the intra-game leader (IGL), and I help in the middle rounds and sometimes I tell him. In addition, we changed several positions. If you watched our matches, you could see that we play differently. I guess we changed something on all the maps.

  • After counting 1-1, what do you expect here in Cologne next?

flusha: More play, of course. We hope that we will get good rivals and leave the group.

Yuri Donchenko