When someone says Esports, you think of Counter-Strike, Dota, League of Legends, StarCraft, or Overwatch. You may have heard of mobile Esports too. But what about Farming Simulator Esports?

Yes, it exists, and they host 100 thousand Euro tournaments. Let’s see what it is and how is it even possible to play such a game competitively.

As per a name, the game is a simulator of farming. In single-player mode, a player can manage his farm entirely, being a manager and a vehicle driver at the same time. Competitively, they rounded it at grain harvest.

Gameplay and Strategies

Each team consists of three players. They must mow wheat on a field, collect hay in bales, and harvest grain. Teams receive points when they bring bales to a warehouse. There are three nuances in the process:

  1. It is easier to bring it to the ground flor — then a team receives ten points.
  2. A more complicated way is to load them in the conveyor belt — then a multiplier will be applied, so a team can get more points.
  3. To increase a multiplier, a team must unload the grain to bunkers located in the field.

Thus, teams can use different strategies. They can focus on loading as many bales as possible to a ground floor or waste time to unload grain, but gain more points in return. Another important point is that there are bridges between the field and the warehouse, and they raise one after another. A tractor driver must consider it to get to the warehouse by the shortest route: if the closest bridge was raised, he would have to go through the further one.

Farming Simulator

Another tricky thing is that the higher a multiplier is, the slower moves the conveyer. A lot of skill us required to use a multiplier strategy properly because it’s not easy to load bales without mistakes and at the optimal rate. Usually, the most skillful player in the team plays at that position. Mind that some tractors can move manipulators faster than the others, too.

Match flow

A match starts with picks and bans phase — yeah, and stop laughing. The teams try to get vehicles that fit their strategy best. Some of them are faster when empty, others can carry more or move a higher speed with a full-load. Vehicles used in the Farming Simulator Esports are tractors to pick and ban, and there are also neutral harvesters and balers that the teams must acquire.

At the beginning of the game, teams ride over to balers (as the play in the same field). If one team gets all four balers, it wins by default. So, during the picking and banning phase, teams must ensure that they have at least one fast tractor to get to the balers quick enough.

Then they start to harvest wheat and, per their wish, just rush it to the ground floor or, on the contrary, put it on the conveyer and fill bunkers to get a higher multiplier. They must find the right rhythm of rides to the warehouse and back to spend as little time as possible — remember of the raising bridges.

Why Someone Would Play That?

Of course, Farming Simulator League is not something a 15-years old rising Esports start would play. But the actual farmers like the game and they are the target audience for that. There is a lot of product placement in the game — al the real leading brands are featured — and the real associations, such as German DLG, support it. They can compete in their skills in the real-life, but they can do it virtually.

We think that games like Farming Simulator are very important to close the gap between Esports and the people who weren’t used to it previously. A farmer from the country might not understand Dota, but he will step closer to it if he will once play in the Farming Simulator tournament.

So don’t hurry to laugh at them, better support and watch the old folks enjoy each other and the game. Especially considering the fact that the money they get is not funny at all: the winner of the World Championship 2020 will receive a hundred thousand Euro. By the way, they will start online tournaments since 2020.

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