At BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard finally announced Diablo IV. We to put all the essential info they revealed in one place.

Diablo IV Story

As we learned from the official trailer, the story starts with summoning Lilith — the demon of the night and one of the primordial demons coming from the ancient mythology.

In the Diablo lore, Lilith is the ancestress of Nephalems. However, she never accepted an idea of war between the Skies and Hell. So it’s a bit uncertain how will they use it in the story. We hope it won’t be another ‘very bad guy you have to kill.’

We can foresee a twist alike to a Supernatural show where Lilith attempted to set the devil free. But this is, of course, just a guess.

Diablo IV Will Be Dark

‘Dark’ was something Blizzard said very often during the presentation. They mentioned that stylistically, Diablo IV would be similar to Diablo II, which many fans around the globe were very grateful to hear because they felt that Diablo 3 was way too light.

Diablo IV Will Have the Open World

Previously, Diablo was divided into Acts (in the original game, they were the floors player kept doing down to). The Acts were divided into locations. Every location was limited and had the boarders players could not cross.

That will not be the case anymore. The sea will naturally limit the game, but apart from that, players will be able to travel to their wish.

Thus, towns will become hubs where players can trade, get quests, and team up. Destination between them will be significant, so there will be mounts in the game — in the gameplay videos, they showed horse rides.

Diablo IV Gameplay — Travelling by a Mount

Diablo IV Gameplay — a little bit of a mount travelling revealed. Open world, they say. Hold my beer!#Games #Gameplay #DiabloIV #Diablo4

Gepostet von Mid.Bet am Freitag, 1. November 2019

Some of the locations’ screenshots are quite fascinating. Different areas will indeed be a living place for different creatures.

Diablo IV Will Need an Internet Connection

Blizzard stated that what they loved about Diablo 3 was the players’ approach of teaming up to do the dungeons. Thus, the game will offer an MMO-like experience will the towns always open to different players in the same lobby, which never was the case in Diablo previously. However, it will be possible to finish the game solo if you will.

Still, the game will prompt players to play together. As such, at BlizzCon, visitors could try to kill Ashava — the first of what Blizzard called the World Bosses. Those are very powerful, and it’s nearly impossible to kill them solo.

Diablo IV Gameplay — Killing the Boss

Diablo IV Gameplay — the boss that the BlizzCon visitors could try to kill. Spoiler: no one succeeded.#Games #Gameplay #DiabloIV #Diablo4

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When you finish the campaign, you can still do what they called ‘Keyed Dungeons.’ You can change those dungeons with the keys that can be found around the world of the Sanctuary — changing means that you can make them more difficult, but as well more rewarding. The idea beyond is that you can prepare a unique build of the characters based on the knowledge of what affixes you will apply to make the dungeon more dangerous (and so what will you face exactly).

The Classes in Diablo IV

At the game launch, it will contain five classes, but only three revealed on the BlizzCon 2019. Another little good news that a fire camp lobby is back.


Diablo IV Barbarian Gameplay

Diablo IV Barbarian gameplay revealed at BlizzCon. See now!#Games #Gameplay #DiabloIV #Diablo4

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A classic character from Diablo II and Diablo 3, a Barbarian, will rely on close-range fights. They will keep the traditional skills, such as Whirlwind, Cries, and Call of the Ancients. Barbarians will also be able to leap on the enemies and hook them. Another interesting mechanics is a cooldown reset for some abilities when you finish the target using it.


Diablo IV Sorceress Gameplay

Diablo IV Sorceress Gameplay at BlizzCon. Missed a hot/clod/electric chick? She's back for you!#Games #Gameplay #DiabloIV #DIablo4

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A classic Sorceress from Diablo II is back! She will use the hot, cold, and electric magic and have a new version teleport. As previously, she will rely on controlling the battlefield freezing the enemies, and will also have the protection skills to cut the incoming damage.


Diablo IV Druid Gameplay

Diablo IV Druid gameplay revealed at BlizzCon. Fancy taking some pets to the Hell?#Games #Gameplay #DiabloIV #Diablo4

Gepostet von Mid.Bet am Freitag, 1. November 2019

They said in the presentation that they decided to bring Druid to BlizzCon just because of how inspiring the arts of him were. Druid will have two wolves alongside him, and using them to attack will be one of his skills. He will also be able to turn into a werewolf or a bear and use the earth magic, such as throwing boulders at the enemies and conjure a tornado.

Blizzard also stated that they would add many options to customize the characters.

Skills in Diablo IV

A skills system in Diablo IV will be a mixture of Diablo II and Diablo 3.

The skills tree will look similar to what we had in Diablo II, but they also noted that it could be reverted at any time to make another build. However, we suppose that this can be a subject of further changes. It’s hard to say right now if it’s a good change because you don’t even need to make more than three characters if you can revert the skills and create a new build at any moment.

However, it seems to be Blizzard’s current approach to the game, because they want to add more customization by items.

Items on Diablo IV

At the basic level, the system will remain the same as in the previous versions of the game. There will be the following levels of the items:

Basic, Magic, Rare, Legendary and Set, Ancient, and Mythic

However, there will be some addition to the rules:

  • Legendary and Set items will make additions to your skills to change the gameplay significantly. For example, an item may remove the cooldown from a Sorceress’ teleport at the cost of moving her to the random location.
  • Ancient items will be somehow connected with the seasons that Diablo IV will introduce, becoming one step closer to the service games and MMO.
  • Mythic items will be so powerful that a player will be allowed to wear only one at a time.

Runes will also be in the game. Blizzard didn’t tell much about them yet but mentioned that a player would make the runes using ‘A Condition’ Rune and ‘An Effect’ Rune. It sounds a little bit alike to enchanting in Morrowind, but unlike Morrowind and Diablo II, the new Runes will be just items in the inventory, it seems.

Diablo IV Will Have PvP

PvP zones will be the locations where players can meet each other, similar to the towns. They won’t be able to kill you anywhere Ultima Online style, of course. However, they didn’t show any of this part of the gameplay yet.

Diablo IV Will Have a Hardcore More

Of course, like any other Diablo game, the new one will contain a hardcore mode, which means that you will only have one life, not being able to resurrect the character if they die.

More Facts About Diablo IV

  • There will be clans, and Blizzard wants it to be an essential part of the game. Overall it seems that they intend to make Diablo more a multiplayer experience rather than a single-player.
  • There will be seasons. It means the individual events with Ancient items as a reward for completing them.
  • There will be microtransactions and DLC. However, Blizzard promised not to make a pay-to-win system.
  • There will be an option to trade with the other players.
  • The game will be available on PC, PS, and Xbox.
  • And, most importantly:

Diablo IV is Not Going Live Soon

As per 2019, Diablo IV is not soon and not even Blizzard’s Soon (TM). It is almost 100% that the game won’t see release before BlizzCon 2020. But 2021 sounds realistic.