Two former member Worst Players – Ivan «F1L1N» Semenets and Igor «crush» Shevchenko – European mix collected for further participation in the qualifiers for the minor-tournament. The team entered the experienced Swede Samuel «Zyppe» Martinsson. The team called AWTR. In addition to the Ukrainians and 27-year-old Swede as part were Sebastian «feddan» Wikström and Robin «ropz» Cool. It is the presence in the Estonian team will allow AWTR to participate in the qualifying tournament for minor-CIS to The ELEAGUE Major. This is due to the fact that this time is assigned to the Estonia CIS and not in Europe.

Under the rules of minor-tournaments of the participating teams must include at least three players representing countries qualifying region. Players have already played together in an open qualifying for DreamHack Winter 2016. The grid single-elimination AWTR team won Millenium, advocated by Timothy «DEVIL» Demolon and Danish NewStyle mix with Benjamin «tabu» Vangstrupom composed. In the final match of the slot in the closed qualification team lost to the Turks of Dark Passage. Samuel «Zyppe» Martinsson started professional career in 2008 with the Counter-Strike 1.6.

Until his retirement in 2011, the Swede played a part of such teams as Lemondogs, Begrip and H2k Gaming. It is under the patronage of Martinsson their first steps on the professional level did Marcus «pronax» Walst, Richard «Xizt» Landstrёm and Farooq «pita» Pete. In CS: GO player back in 2016 as part of the Norwegian team BX3 eSports Club, but in recent years the Swede to focus more on their own analytical blogs. Composition AWTR team: Ivan «F1L1N» Semenets Samuel «Zyppe» Martinsson Igor «crush» Shevchenko Robin «ropz» Cool Sebastian «feddan» Wikström