The organizers of the Electronic Sports World Cup 2016 announced the composition of the group and the format of the women’s championship on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which will be held from 29 to 31 October in Paris at the Paris Games Week. Initially, all participants will be divided into two groups of five teams. They will play each other in best-of-1 format. Collectives, won first place in the group, immediately get to the semifinals, while the second and third will play each other in the quarterfinals. Format All playoff games – best-of-3.

The only team representing the CIS championship, – Reason Gaming Female – got in group “A”, where he will meet with champions StarLadder Female Stars Championship and the Copenhagen Games 2016: Female – Team Secret, as well as the Selfless, Millenium Ladies and MTY.

Comments Captain Reason Gaming Female – Alexandra «RiLey» Ksenzik:

With a trip to the ESWC not experiencing problems, everything is going according to plan. Yesterday learned the group, something unexpected it was not for something we expected. Group working, so let’s try to get out of first place.

Our plans – is to enter the top three. Take at least a third, maximum first place. The main part of the ESWC 2016 PGW CS: GO Women scheduled for October 29-31 and will be held under the Paris Games Week. Women’s teams will compete for the prize fund of $ 15 thousand.

Group A: Reason Gaming Female, Team Secret, Selfless, Millenium Ladies, MTY
Group B: doyoueven, Counter Logic Gaming.Red, Team Female, Team Expert, Property.female