Kaipi in the new line-up will play on the Elimination Mode 2 [Dota 2]
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Kaipi in the new line-up will play on the Elimination Mode 2 [Dota 2]

Kaipi in the new line-up will play on the Elimination Mode 2 [Dota 2]

The organization has collected new Kaipi composition of Dota 2, which will take part in tournament Elimination Mode 2.0. Former players left Kaipi October 28 after an unsuccessful performance at European and US Open qualifiers to The Boston Major 2016. Kaipi Team was established in the autumn of 2012. A year later, the players moved to the Rattlesnake, where soon moved to Cloud9. They occupied the 5-6 place on The International in 2014 and completed the next World Cup in the 9-12 position. After that, the US-based closed unit Dota 2, and the new Romanian team Pittnera «bOne7» Armand took the name Kaipi.

In March 2016 Veysing «SingSing» Yuan reunited with former teammate Cloud9, but was unable to bring the top five for any event, supported by Valve. In September, the team won the European qualification for the second season of World Cyber Arena 2016. The organizers did not comment on the fate of the slot, which won the team now disintegrated. Kaipi has not yet named the players who have entered into a new composition. He will debut on November 2 at 20:00 MSK in a match with Team Liquid on the Elimination Mode 2.0. Elimination Mode 2.0 – Dota 2 Championships from studio moonducktv with non-standard characters selection rules.

Participants will not be able to take characters that have appeared in the NBA Draft last card series, and on the eve of the day of each game community will ban 10 characters. 1-7 November 2016 Western costavy will compete for $ 20 thousand in a grid format double-elimination:. Five of leaving the tournament after the lose twice. Finals will take place in the best-of-five format, and the remaining matches – two victories. The first season and $ 6 thousand. Won 4 Clover & Lepricon.

Former composition Kaipi:

Veysing «SingSing» Yuan

Pittner «bOne7» Armand

Neta «TheCoon» Shapira

Alaa «SexyBamboe» Faraj


Participants Elimination Mode 2.0:

Evil Geniuses

compLexity Gaming

Digital Chaos

Team NP

Team Liquid


Escape Gaming