Ilya “illidan” Pivtsaev: “OG is the team I most fear” [Dota 2]
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Ilya “illidan” Pivtsaev: “OG is the team I most fear” [Dota 2]

Ilya “illidan” Pivtsaev: “OG is the team I most fear” [Dota 2]

Commentator studio SLTV Alex “BafiK” Bafadarov and player SFTe-sports Ilya “Illidan” Pivtsaev discussed the transfers of the European pro-stage. Pivtsayev said that OG will dominate the region, noted the potential of Team Secret and doubted that over time Team Liquid will remain the undisputed leader of the competitive DotA.

About OG

“This is the team that I fear most. Each player is certainly very good, but their feature is that they have always been like a family. They had “graters” with Anatan “Ana” Pham, which began a long time ago. They were unhappy with him, and this was evident to the naked eye in the games. He, of course, is a good player, but it is obvious that he is inexperienced, and this prevents him from showing stability. I think that this was the reason for the replacement, because Romych [Resolut1on] is a stable guy.

I know he trains a lot, working on [playing in the middle]. <…> People do not understand the main thing: this person has a very fast and correct macro-thinking. He very quickly and well decides what to do on the map, and what is not after the liner. Yes, he really has troubles on the line, it’s obvious, and he knows it himself.

But it’s “for now,” and it must be understood that he was taken to mid-day in OG, because this person can very well adapt and do everything beautifully. I know that some guys played with them [training matches] and “flew away” in 20 minutes. And the guys who, I think, will be serious on the stage. This command will be 100% in the top ».

Team Liquid

“In the compendium, I won Team International, the winner of The International 2017. Although during the tournament I thought that LGD.Forever Young would win, they simply showed incredible things, and Liquid “floundered” in very stubborn matches. <…> In the end, they very well unraveled the Newbee team, banned this fucking Ax, which really hindered all teams before. Well, they played just great …

<…> Immediately decline, they obviously will not, but in the middle of the year, probably something will happen to them. Because I do not know how they will feel after winning the TI7. I think that they will do well, but for this it is necessary that they do not experience problems. If they start, then they can go astray. Perhaps their patch will change a little. Because we know how often the patches change the alignment of forces in DotA. Some people quickly realized what to do in the patch, while others were not yet fully adapted. Here. “

Team Secret

“Marcus” Ace “Hölgård is a good player, everyone speaks of him. He has been playing for a long time in DotA, almost longer than I did. He always “dangled” in the shooting team-2, but he was given a very good chance to show himself. Again Puppey Academy, as it is called, took one player who was glowing, of course, but not so brightly.

Well, they took on off-line Adriana “FATA-” Trinx, who played on TI as a mider. I think the team is very strong for the future. <…> They are for me top-2 after OG, just for the current time FATA- does not have hardline experience, and Ace does not have experience of shooting-1 teams. They will cope with this, of course, but this is a matter of time. “