Team Russia and EYESports will play on WESG [CS:GO]

Team Russia and EYESports will play on WESG [CS:GO]

Team Russia and EYESports will play on WESG [CS:GO]

This weekend ended wih a Russian regional qualification to the World Electronic Sports Games. The best team in Russia proved to be Russia and EYESports. The composition of the Team Russia enters the Five people from Gambit eSports and FlipSid3 Tactics.

Today, both the team will play in the internal opposition, which does not solve anything. Kick-off is scheduled for 21:30 Moscow time. At the same time it will be held the final qualifying for the Ukrainian WESG. Team1 under the direction of Daniel «Zeus» Teslenko spray’n’pray will play against the team for which protrude Alexander «Shara» Gordeev and Roman «z1» Poltavchenko. Winner of the match guarantee their spot in the finals of the European WESG

European qualification will be held from 6 to 9 October in Kiev. The venue will be the Concert Club Stereo Plaza. Among the currently known members worth noting GODSENT team, Team EnVyUs, G2A and Astralis, which successfully passed the national qualifiers and will appear in the Ukrainian capital, the basic structure. Among the other participants are also listed Belgian «Ex6TenZ» Kevin mix Drolansa called dd, the team from the Norwegian players, led by Howard «rain» Naygardom and Joachim «jkaem» Murdostabom – Team Norway, as well as the Team Dignitas, for which play Philip «aizy» eystrup instead Ruben «RUBINO» Villarroel.

The regional finals WESG:


Epsilon eSports


Team EnVyUs


Team Norway


BPro Gaming G2A

Team Kinguin


Team Dignitas

Team Russia