HP and Armor in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide
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HP and Armor in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide

HP and Armor in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide

If you have already tried to start playing Apex Legends, you have probably faced some difficulties.

In this article, we will give explanations and tips for the beginners, so they can not be confused and start enjoying the game from their first matches.

We are going to explain how do HP and armor (aka shields) work in Apex Legends, how to replenish them and to recognize how much damage do you make to the enemy.

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Every Legend starts the game with 100 HP. You can’t get more than that, but you can find a Body Shield to cover it with armor, which is called ‘shields’ in Apex.

Body Shield

Just as every other item type, there are a few tiers of the Body Shields in the game:

  • A white (common) Body Shield will grant you two blocks of 25 shields each, 50 in total.
  • A blue (rare) Body Shield will grant you three blocks of 25 shields each, 75 in total.
  • A purple (epic) Body Shield will grant you four blocks of 25 shields each, 100 in total.
  • A gold (legendary) Body Shield will grant you four blocks of 50 shields each, 100 in total. Bonus: it will take half as long for you to use the healing items.

Armor will always absorb incoming damage before HP when shot. But the Ring, as well as the gas traps, will damage HP directly.


Helmets do not do any additions to the shields — they reduce the damage from headshots by 10%, 20%, or 25%, depending on the rarity tier. The gold version will also reduce recharge time for your Ultimate and Tactical abilities. Helmets never break, so you don’t have to recharge them.

How To Replenish Health and Armor

To replenish HP and Shields, you have to use the consumables. There are five types of them in Apex Legends:

  • A Syringe will restore 25 health points in 5 seconds
  • A Medkit will restore all health in 8 seconds
  • A Sheild Cell will restore one shield block in 3 seconds
  • A Shield Battery will restore all shields in 5 seconds
  • A Phoenix Kit will restore all health and shields in 10 seconds

It is important to remember what consumables do you have. You can access and see everything you have in the Backpack by pressing a hotkey (default is ‘4’).

We also recommend you to add separate hotkeys for every healing because sometimes even one second is vital in the fight.

In Apex, you can’t heal your teammates directly, but you can drop your consumables for them. You can also use your abilities to heal them if you play such Legends as Lifeline or Wattson.

How To Evaluate the Damage

When you are shooting at the enemy, you will see numbers bumping up when you hit them.

They show how much damage they receive. Apart from just reading the numbers, see what color they are:

  • If the numbers are white, blue, purple, or gold, it means that you are hitting the enemy’s shields, and they have a Body Shield of that type. If you see that they have an epic Body Shield and you have only dealt 20 damage, you know that most likely, they still have a lot, and you are better to back off.
  • If the numbers are red, it means that you are hitting the enemy’s HP. So, you probably can push them, if you have enough HP and shields on you.
  • If the numbers a yellow, it means that you made a headshot. It causes more damage but, unfortunately, doesn’t show a Body Shield type. However, it’s nearly impossible to hit the headshots all the time, so you will see it next time you hit a body.

Always consider what tier of a Body Shield does the enemy have. If it is way better than yours, it’s better to avoid fighting them.

How to Use a Knockdown Shield Properly

A Knockdown Shield works only when you are downed. It lets you absorb a certain amount of incoming damage according to its rarity. To do it, you have to hold a fire button to create a shield in front of you. The color of the shield will match the rarity level of the Knockdown Shield.

    • A white (common) Knockdown Shield can absorb up to 200 damage.
    • A blue (rare) Knockdown Shield can absorb up to 450 damage.
    • A purple (epic) Knockdown Shield can absorb up to 750 damage.
    • A gold (legendary) Knockdown Shield can absorb up to 750 damage. Bonus: you can revive yourself once. After a revival, a legendary Knockdown Shield will turn to epic.

A Knockdown Shield replenishes when the player is revived. That means that next time he will be downed, his shield will be able to absorb a full amount of damage again.