Battle Royal System in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide
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Battle Royal System in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide

Battle Royal System in Apex Legends — A Quick Start Guide

If you have already tried to start playing Apex Legends, you have probably faced some difficulties.

In this article, we will give explanations and tips for the beginners, so they can not be confused and start enjoying the game from their first matches.

We are going to explain what the Battle Royal system is and, most importantly, what is the difference between Apex and the other games of the genre.

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What Is Different In Apex Legends

We’ll run through it real quick because it’s pretty much another Battle Roayle with the very same idea behind it. There is still a safe zone on the map that appears as a diminishing circle. It is called ‘the Ring’ in Apex Legends.

What you should know, though, is that if you are coming from the farthest part of the map, the Ring’s edge will be moving faster than you run.

There are no vehicles in Apex, so the only options to move more quickly are the zip-lines, the air stations, which can launch you in any direction after reaching a balloon, and the ability of Wraith, who can make a short teleport tunnel and runs quicker in the process. You can also slide down from the hills.

Thus, plan your path. If you are not sure that there will be zip-lines or your way will lay downhill (or you don’t know map that well yet), make sure to start moving earlier than the Ring.

Just as in other Battle Royal games, the later in the game you are, the more damage comes when you are out of the safe zone. Also, mind that it deals more damage in the ranked games to prevent too much turtling.

How To Resurrect the Players

Unlike the other Battle Royals, in Apex, the game is not over when they killed you. Even if the enemies have finished you after knocking you down, your teammates can still pick up your ‘banner’ from your chest and bring it to the so-called Respawn Beacons. Then they have to stand there for a few seconds, and a ship will deliver you back to the battlefield alive. You won’t have anything on you, however, except for the full HP bar.

Not all the players in matchmaking do this, but we recommend you not to hurry to leave the game and see if they are going to bring you back or not.

How To Find Respawn Beacons On the Minimap

Look for the bright green dots that will become hearts if you zoom in. Remember that every team may only use each of them once, but you can still resurrect two of your teammates at once.

Now you know how does the Apex Legends Battle Royal system different from the other games of the genre so that you won’t be caught off guard.

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