First confrontation card becomes Cobblestone. The match started with a victory in the first Team Liquid pistoletke. Gaining victories in the economic rounds of the US team continues to dominate and devaysnyh – 6:0. “Born to Win” take a strategic pause, which does not help them to soak through. Restore the economy NaVi makes a successful attack on the point “A” and earns first point – 7:1. The ending of the first half is for Spencer «hiko» Martin and company, which strengthens their advantage – 11: 4. Change Team Liquid parties again pistoletku wins, and with it the economic rounds. Buying deyvaysy “Born to Win” reduce the backlog by two points and make the American team to take a strategic pause. Restore the economy “liquid” is not released from the hands of victory – 16:7.

The second card becomes a Train. Winning first pistoletku and economic rounds “Born to Win” confidently go forward – 3: 0. Picking up Soup Team Liquid compares the account, and comes forward. Due confident protect American team takes 6 rounds podryad.Kontsovka first half remains with the team from the CIS, which takes a strategic pause before round 12 and intercepts the lead – 8: 7. Changing the American team inferior in the second pistoletke and two economic. Winning a couple of important rounds in the middle of the second half of Team Liquid reduces the lag and very close to the opponent – 12:10. Doing 4 killings in round 25 Yegor «flamie» Vasiliev destroys the hopes of “liquid” to continue the fight on the second map – 16:13.