Organizers of the tournament have not yet reported the details, but we know that EPICENTER Moscow 8 teams will gather in the Russian capital, with a prize pool of $ 500,000. Six seats will take teams received invites, and the last two winners will receive enclosed qualifications, one of the regions of Europe and the CIS. The qualifications will start this Saturday, August 27 FaceIt platform.

It is important that the open qualification for the CIS region is limited to the participation of teams consisting only of citizens of CIS countries. Teams have a part of the player from other regions will be forced to either use a replacement. “EPICENTER Moscow” The list of countries under the terms of the CIS region: Russia, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Turkmenistan. This rule applies only to the open qualification, due FaceIt restrictions.

Participants will compete for the open qualifying matches “Single Elimination” Vest 1 ° F (up to one win), where the next round will be only one team from the region.

In the closed qualification to the winners of the last stage will join seven teams from each region at the invitation of the organizers, where the Group will be played matches GSL BO3 format. Finalists groups come together in a grid playoffs “Single Elimination” Best Of 3 (two wins) in the fight for a place in each region on the part of the LAN-tournament in Moscow.

Register for the qualification can open on FaceIt platform. More information about the tournament and the participants for an invite will be announced in the next few days.