Five of the French “EnVyUS” won “ELEAGUE” in the group stage of the championship. This morning was held the final, in which the clash between “EnVyUS” and “”, the format of the match – best of 3, that the French were victorious, defeating the Poles with a score of 2: 0 on the cards (16:11 @ train; 16:08 @ cache). This means that “EnVyUS” joined other winners of their respective groups, we recall that the Group F, was the last in the tournament “ELEAGUE”. Very soon begin matches – play-off`a.

The winners were the following commands: “SK-Gaming” (ex-Luminosity) – Group A, “Ninjas in Pyjamas” – group B, “Astralis” – Group C, “Fnatic” – Group D, “Natus Vincere” – Group E. on the road to victory “EnVyUS” showed very excellent results and the performance began with a victory, defeating the team “Gambit Gaming” very confident 2: 0 on the card, the next hurdle for the team became Poles from “”, the team broke the world. Well, in the last match, they confirmed their dominance, beating the guys from the “Complexity” (2: 0).

In the play-off semi-final, the French agreed to “Complexity” and once again were able to beat the North American team. Thus we reached the final, where they could without any problems be the winners of the F group, in the “ELAGUE” championship. We wish success and the same top five performance at the upcoming French Major-tournament – ESL One Cologne. “EnVyUS” caught in a group with “Mousesports”, “Team Liquid” and “”.

Composition “EnVyUS”, who spoke on “ELEAGUE”:

Kenni “kennyS” Shrab

Vincent “Happy” Cervone

Nathan “NBK” Schmitt

Dan “apEx” Madeskler

Alexandre “bodyyy1” Pianaro