Update for Dota 2 from 19 September 2016 to correct errors in the ability of Phantom Assassin – Stifling Dagger, added to the Wings Gaming Shopkeeper’s Aegis of Champions and has changed the tree selection area.

General changes:

Reworked tree select the zone


Phantom Assassin

Stifling Dagger ability no longer removes one attack with buff from Phantom Strike


Wings Gaming added to the Shopkeeper’s Aegis of Champions

Changes in the post-match statistics screen

The screen now displays the post-match statistics after local games against bots

Added column “Constant buffs.” At the moment, there appear buffs from Flesh Heap (Pudge), Duel (Legion Commander), obtained from Alchemist Aghanim’s Scepter, eaten Moon Shard and the number of stolen intelligence (Silencer)

Fixed a bug which caused incorrect values displayed on the screen when the characters have changed when comparing the slider was in the middle

Slider comparison now takes into account the level of the hero and KDA

Fixed schedule reception levels in Arc Warden

Fixed schedule of gain levels for the time before the start of the match (ie horn sound)

Improved loading characters models

Fixed a bug with the missing button “Leave the game”

In 1×1 mode, the completion of the game will be immediately opened heroes comparison mode

Improved display of team logo

New tickets:

World Cyber Arena 2016 S3

ROG MASTERS 2016 | Free for viewing

Persian Gulf Cup Season 3 | Free for viewing

WESG | Free for viewing

Requiem Autumn | Free for viewing

sCSL Eclipse Season II | Free for viewing

Northern Arena BEAT Invitational presented by Bell | Free for viewing

Other updates

Post-match statistics:

Middle KDA each hero now generated after 2 games played


Remove unused console command to display the screen of the old post-match statistics

Added new command: cl_dota_unified_tree_hitboxes <0/1>

Updates Size: 123.3 MB (with workshop tools)