Dauren “AdreN” Kystaubaev from Gambit Esports spoke about the victory over Fnatic in the PGL Major Kraków quarter-finals in an interview to the cybersport portal. He explained why he could not show the best game, and shared his thoughts on the next match.

About the game with Fnatic

“We did not expect Fnatic to bust Cache and give us Cobblestone. This card is ready for us, but yesterday we worked on Train and decided to choose it. On the first map we played as usual: the usual tactics, stretches – everything that we trained. But nothing worked, so we changed the style.

Added more fast rounds, simple grenades and sudden attacks. As soon as we took a few clutches, the game went. [At Inferno] we did not show anything new. Just appeared confidence, we gained experience. So we played our game, they – in their own. Nothing unusual. In fact, we wanted to take revenge on Inferno. I am glad that we have succeeded. “

About responsibility

“We are comfortable playing against them. But it was psychologically difficult, especially to me. I felt strong pressure, great responsibility. Fortunately, now this is not. You can exhale and start playing at maximum. There is nothing more to lose. I do not know why, but the pressure was. For other players, I did not notice this – all played confidently. Probably everyone just knew that we would go further, but I was a bit hesitant, nervous. So, thanks to my teammates for dragging me into the semifinals. Now it’s my turn to show the best game. “

About the semifinals

“We do not care who to play next. Both teams [Astralis and SK Gaming] are very strong, so we will in any case play from the position of catching up. Let’s see who will pass to us in the semifinals, and come what may. In the end, we have nothing to lose. We need to continue to play our game. We need luck and even a little magic that will help us defeat the best teams in the world. “