Conrad Janzen (Canada, another nickname: QuantumPope) became known to the whole world as the manager of the team DOTA 2 Cloud9. Now Conrad performs at international tournaments as an analyst at DOTA. The journalist of the well-known eSports edition in the CIS Cybersport talked with the Canadian about the development of the DOTA 2 pro-scene, the problems of supersaturation of the market, as well as the future of his favorite game. Earlier, on the pages of‘s best e-sports portal, Erik Barge, the key manager of The Alliance, expressed his views on the future development of Quake.

So, you were the manager of such a team as Cloud9, with which your ways broke up more than 2 years ago. What do you think about the professional stage of the DOT, if you compare it with the past years?

Conrad: Most things have evolved very much. Now many new sponsors have come, money prizes have increased. The way the World Cup has grown is simply madness. We used to have only a few good teams. And now all the regions of the world are getting closer to each other in terms of skill.

And we heard that the skill between the worst and best teams on TI7 was minimal?

Conrad: Certainly. Of course, there are still several teams that dominate. But still, I expected better results from a team like EG, for example. And although they looked good on TI7. But well played and the guys from Team Empire. Now is the time when in the match Bo3 any team has a chance against any other team.

Can you tell us about the life of the manager in the professional world of the DOTA?

Conrad: Most of my manager’s life, I woke up very early, because it’s a European team and it was necessary to work out the game moments. A lot of planning and a lot of logistics. I was not the guy who used to play all day. I was not involved in the game. But I tried to be a spiritual coach. Everyone who needed could get help and support from me in my life. And I helped.

And finally, do you think that professional DOTA 2 eventually improved?

Conrad: Absolutely. Now there is so much money here that it’s enough for everyone. Last year, DOTA served only the top teams. And in this – we see so many opportunities even for teams of the second echelon. That’s cool!

Yuri Donchenko