Former manager of H2k-Gaming Chris Kalargiroz addressed the EU LCS participants in a column on the cybersport portal. He suggested that players get less for the stability of the scene, advised Riot Games to give back some of the league to organizations and criticized most clubs for poor marketing.

Appeal to Riot Games

“1. Promote teams and help them earn. Add merchandise to the store Riot Games, start selling images, icons and stuff. You can take a small share, and the rest will go to the teams.

2. Give clubs some of the shares of the league, so that your interests coincide with them. Let them have a permanent slot, and the list of participants sometimes expands. Maybe add a draft system so that old players leave, and new ones are strengthened by weak teams.

3. Let the scene grow itself and stop working so hard with traditional sports. Yes, there are parallels, but e-sports is a monster that grew out of counterculture. You have the advantage: do not give it to those who see the scene as an additional platform for marketing. Money will come with time. You have something with great potential in your hands – do not let it die.

4. Investors cause hyperinflation, and the “soap bubble” because of it is capable of killing the scene. Entrepreneurs will leave when they realize that there is no income, and the following will do the same. In one day, there will be no more volunteers, and the teams will go bankrupt. “

Appeal to the players

“You have too high salaries. You are not guilty – take it while they give. But what happens when the teams go bankrupt? You will lose your job, the professional scene will fall apart, and there will not be new cybersport disciplines. The situation is aggravated by the fact that Germany picks up half of the salary.

Perhaps the EU LCS is required to leave from there. I can not blame you for looking for an employer with market prices, but maybe we can all do smart and take a step back for the sake of longevity. Stop being lazy, organize and protect your interests: you are in business, not dependent on your parents. “

Appeal to the majority of teams

“You complain that Riot Games does not share income, lack of normal sponsors and stuff … And I’m sorry. But your brands and their development are mediocre. You exist in the form of a logo in social networks and on stream. Do not publish anything that may be of interest to sponsors.

You have no strategy and, frankly speaking, you are boring. No attempts to get additional income. Those who support the club, you also do not have: fans will go along with the players. Be creative, create content and attract fans. Make sure your colors are worn with pride. Your market coverage is wider than you think. “