The user of a cyber forum with the nickname KeepCalmKY reported seeing Chai «Mushi» E Funa in training with his alleged new line-up in the Malaysian Internet cafe Mineski Infinity. The same day, the player (Mushi) posted a photo cafes and mentioned that he was training there. The user wrote that along with tea «Mushi» E Funom trained Lee «kyxY ‘» Kang Yang Chua «KaNG» Song Hong, Chan «XtiNcT» Chan Leong and Alacrity.

The commentary to pictures Mushi said that recently visited the cafe, which is located in the Malaysian state of Johar and thanked the Malaysian Branch of the Acer and NVIDIA for being allowed to use the company’s gaming monitors for training. The player is not mentioned, with whom he trained. Currently kyxY ‘is listed as a part of White Fries Gaming, but the team did not play a single game with December 2016. XtiNcT last played for Mineski-X, which is also not yet held any meeting in 2017.

Chua «KaNG» Song Hong in January left WarriorsGaming.Unity team and currently is a free agent. AlaCrity February 25 played a few matches in the EVOS Esports, it has not previously been seen in the well-known bands. The player has a 7906 MMR and occupies 11th position in the ranking of South-East Asia. Chai Yo Fun was playing with kyxY ‘and XtiNcT – they were a part of Orange in 2013 and as part of Team Malaysia in 2014. The last team Mushi was Fnatic, for which he performed with June 2015 on February 2017.

The team took place on 5-6 The Shanghai Major in 2016, and The Manila Major in 2016 and fell to 4th place at The International 2016. After the team left TI6 Erwann Adam Shah “343” bin Akhtar Hussain, Zheng «MidOne» Yek Nai and Dzhardel “of DJ “Jik Mampusti. They were replaced by Jimmy «DeMoN» Ho, Mark «Raven» Fausto and Nico «Eyyou» Barcelona. The new composition has not passed qualification on The Boston Major in 2016 and three novice left the team two months after joining.

The estimated composition of the team Mushi:

  • Chai «Mushi» E Fung
  • Chan «XtiNcT» Chan Leong
  • Lee «kyxY ‘» Kang Young
  • Chua «KaNG» Song Hong
  • AlaCrity