Bunyamin Aydin is the owner and founder of the Space Soldiers‘ eSports organization and he is trying to pave the way for Turkey on the world’s e-sports map. Recently, Space Soldiers have made a small breakthrough on the ESL One Cologne 2017, where they defeated SK Gaming in the match Bo1. Once again, the team got to the front pages of editions about e-sports, when it was held on DreamHack Montreal 2017. But unfortunately, the team could not come because of problems with visas.
Turkey is not part of the European Union, which affects the club’s potential on a global scale. But the head of sports organization Space Soldiers Bunyamin Aydin sets himself the goal to adequately represent Istanbul in the international growing world of e-sports. Portal of fair rates on e-sports CybBet.com offers you to plunge into the world of e-sports of Turkey, having viewed an interview with the general director of Space Soldiers Bunyamin Aydin. Previously, we published a review of the development of CrossFire as an e-sports discipline.

What inspires you in the organization’s striving for the first places in e-sports? What is your vision of Space Soldiers and what goals do you hope to achieve, both on a personal plane and for the team as a whole?

Bunyamin Aydin: Me and my brother are gamers from childhood. I knew back then that eSports would become a big phenomenon one day and look at us now. My vision of Space Soldiers includes a model of an e-sports organization that is a pioneer in its field and bravely looks into the future of e-sports. This is more than a team, we – the community and I – are just an open book in terms of transferring knowledge to small organizations. Space Soldiers – athletes of the future. Now we are based in Istanbul, but I see the team as an international organization.

Space Soldiers began to play in the beginning of 2015. What are your thoughts on the progress of the organization since then?

Bunyamin Aydin: At that time we were focused exclusively on the performance, but since then we have received investments and now we are building our community and our success story.
Many fans are interested in Space Soldiers. Our team seems to them to be something mysterious. Soon you will be able to see our content on a bilingual basis on all of our social media platforms.

Do you plan to go beyond CSGO discipline?

Bunyamin Aydin: We entered the FIFA and signed a talented player FIFA “Riv9”. Negotiations are also conducted with football clubs on the possibility of cooperation.
I believe that we should not seek to enter too many disciplines. My rule: first you enter the Top-20, and only then add one more discipline.

Yuri Donchenko